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What we do...for you!
One of the first things a new home watch clients asks us is 'How often should I have my home checked?'  Let me ask y0u this....if something happens at your home, how much time are you comfortable with passing before it is discovered?   A small amount of water in a closed up home will produce a large amount of mold and mildew that is costly to clean up, and will do so very quickly.  The pool filter stops working or the air conditioner breaks down.  So many things can happen!  The sooner they are discovered, the less the amount of damage and cost of repairs.

Even if you have the water turned off during your absence, there are other things that can cause mold/mildew or water damage.  In one instance, the seal around a window had dried out and caused the sprinkler right outside the window to leak water onto the window sill inside and onto the carpet.  Mold everywhere by the time it was discovered.  Another client left wet towels in the washer.  Mold again.  If your unit is on a lower floor, the unit above can leak and cause damage to your unit.

That said, most of our home watch clients have us check their homes once a week.  The rest are biweekly.

We also encourage owners that have alarm systems to issue a code just for us so that they can easily check when we were there and how long or even install security cameras.  We are not worried about any of these measures

We show up as scheduled and as promised!
Many owners leave a vehicle at their home. We offer a Car Drive service that includes driving your car to insure the battery stays charged, belts stay flexible and everything is in proper working order. Just starting a car and letting it run for a few minutes does little or no good.  You need the vehicles fluids to circulate through all the engine and transmission parts to keep them in good running order and the belts and hoses pliant.

  • Having your A/C or something else serviced and you can't be there?  We can do a Vendor Key-in to let the vendor in, and we can stay while they are there and lock up when they are done if you wish.  We also try to schedule a vendor key-in on the same day  we do your home inspection so that you are not charged for an  extra service.  This is not always possible, but we do try.

  • Having something shipped?  You can have items sent to our business address and we will take them to your home during our next home inspection.  Large items can even be shipped to our home.  This saves you having to be charged for a Home Visit trip.
  • Coming for a visit and would like your home stocked up?  We can do that!  We can stock your kitchen and have one of our excellent cleaners do a touch up for you if needed.  Need it cleaned and closed up after you leave?  Yes, we can do that....and more.

We can do as much or as little as you would like. Some of the things we have done for clients include overseeing major renovations including landscaping and dock renovations,  grocery shopping, dry cleaning runs, care of a pet while they are out, having the car washed and gassed and ready to go for their arrival, watering of plants, sprinkler repair, mulching, light pressure washing, emergency repairs, meeting with vendors and clients to assess bids and proposals, re-screening of torn lanai panels...the list goes on and on.  We also have clients that home watch  monitoring is all we do for them, but they know that we can help them out in other ways with just a phone call or email.
Our home watch clients are special and they have special needs.  Wherever possible, we can meet or exceed these needs....and are so very happy to do so! 
We would be happy to meet with you and answer your questions about home watch, go over our services and custom tailor a home watch plan for you.  Or, as odd as it may seem, we have clients that are out of state or country and want to get started right away before we ever meet them.  We can call you and discuss a program with you and get you up and running before you make your next trip to Florida. 

If you're ready for a professional home watch for your property and need someone right away, please email or call us.   There is no obligation to you and you can compare us with other companies.  We actually welcome comparisons and encourage comparison! We were not awarded Best of Naples for 5 consecutive years  for nothing.  

The last thing you need to do is worry about your home.  We try to take all the worry out of it so that when you are here, all you have to do is enjoy it!
We are licensed (Collier county tax receipt), and insured for $1,000,000....more peace of mind for you!
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