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Jack checking plumbingHere we go!

When we arrive at a clients, the first thing we do is inspect the outside.  We look at the roof, the rain gutters, the landscaping, the windows and doors to make sure nothing has been forced or broken and that no screens are torn.  We note the condition of the grass, if any plants have died.   If we see anything out of the ordinary, we add it to our report and add pictures if applicable.  We take mail out of the mailbox and gather any circulars or papers that are lying around.  We check all fencing if applicable.

Then we turn on the water if it is off,  enter the home and disable the security system if necessary.  We pull out our flashlight and begin inspecting the ceiling, the floor, the walls and the baseboards, closets,  as well as around the inside of windows and doors.  What are we looking for?  Water spots from possible roof  leaks; mold and or mildew; pests and rodent droppings.  Water stains on the carpet or wood floors.  We normally leave the lights off when inspecting the ceilings  because it is much easier to spot a water stain that way.

Next, we turn on the washer and dishwasher at least once a month to the rinse only cycle and let it start. We then run water in all sinks, tubs and showers.  We let them run for at least 30 seconds and feel the flex lines and drains.  We try to feel the flex lines all the way up to the faucet.  (You would be surprised how often a little drop that starts at the faucet fitting doesn't make its way all the way down to the bottom of the flex line, but this is indicative of possible serious leak in the future.)  Should something be leaking, we tighten up the faucet fittings to see if this will stop the leak.  If not, we diagnose the problem and inform the client.  We flush all the toilets and check for leaks at the shut off and around the base of the toilet.  We run a brush around the inside of the toilets to keep scum build up from happening.

In the kitchen, we run the garbage disposal and check the refrigerator to make sure it is on and working correctly.   We also make sure the ice maker is off.

We test all the smoke alarms once a month.

We turn on all the lights and replace bulbs where necessary if bulbs are available. 

Jack checking AC ventWe check the thermostat and, if so equipped, the humidistat, for the proper temperature and percentage settings and adjust if necessary.  We check the filter and replace if it needs to be replaced and the owner has spare filters.

If the home has a pool, we check the water level and the pool equipment to make sure the timer and pump is working. 

We check the lanai cage for tears in the screening. 

We check the garage and make sure all is well there.  We run the garage door up and down to keep it lubricated.  Same with hurricane shutters. 

At this point, the washer and dishwasher are usually finished with their cycles and we check to make sure they worked properly and didn't spring a leak anywhere.

We walk through the home one last time to make sure we didn't leave a light on, check the exterior doors one more time, set the alarm and then exit.  Once back outside, we turn off the water if required.  Now we are done.

If we encounter anything that needs immediate attention, we contact the client right away.

 Our clients have the peace of mind knowing their home was thoroughly checked, as well as the documentation to go along with it.

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