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Home watch and MORE....Part 2

It has been a terrific year here at Cottage to Castle.  So many new clients and so many new requests!  It always amazes me at what our clients need to have done and we always try to accommodate their wishes.  This year we get to make a small wish come true.

One of our clients will be bringing their children to their new home for the first time for the holidays and wanted the house the trees decked out in Christmas lights.  Saturday, we will be stringing lights around palm trees and other trees to delight the kids when they see their home for the first time.  What a wonderful feeling.   I can imagine how their little faces will smile in delight!

We recently also added 7 ceiling fans to a home that had none and replaced 10 ceiling lights, replacing the existing lights with energy efficient lights that went much better with their decor.   We've also spent many hours hanging new artwork for them and assembling furniture so that when they arrive, they can use it instead of spending hours of their vacation time putting things together.  Who wants to spend their precious vacation time doing things like that? 

We had another client that needed an auto fill installed on their pool.  After getting quotes from pool companies that wanted to charge thousands for systems that we ungainly and very ugly, we found a system that uses radio frequency to tell the system when it needs water and allows it to happen.  No unsightly pipes going across the deck.  Instead, a wonderful, energy efficient system that works cost less than $700 installed!  They saved hundreds of dollars!

So, home watch and so much more.  Our construction background gives us the experience to be able to do this type of work and do it right. 

So when you think of home watch, you don't have to think of just home monitoring.  We can do so much more!  Just ask us...and if we can't do it, we have no qualms about sayings so and recommending reputable companies that can do the work.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our wonderful clients and to all of you that are reading this.

So, home watch and so much more! 

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